CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Subscription

CorelDRAW currently super cheap, 35% saved

CorelDRAW is currently super cheap: You can save 35% with a new offer for the well-known graphics software Suite CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. This gives you the well-known graphics software for vector illustration, layout, image editing, typography and collaboration really cheaply. … read on

Incomedia WebSite X5

WebSite X5 Homepage software with winter offer – save 35%

With the WebSite X5 winter offer, valid until January 30, 2024, you can now get the well-known homepage and web design software WebSite X5 at a much lower price with a 35% discount. The 35% discount is available with the … read on

Nero Platinum 2023

Nero Platinum Suite 2024 available – the new features

The new version of Nero Platinum Suite 2024 offers new creative possibilities for users who want improved video and photo editing. The manufacturer mentions 15 feature updates, the most important of which I have compiled here in the article. In … read on

Free O&O Windows tools with high utility value

Free O&O Windows tools with high utility value! O&O has been a well-known provider for many years with proven programs and a clear focus on data backup and recovery, data security and data carriers. One of the best-known products is … read on


MindManager – visualize thoughts, ideas and projects

MindManager is a proven program that allows users to capture and structure thoughts, ideas, projects, and visions using various organizational structures such as flowcharts, tree-style mind maps, timelines, Venn diagrams and many more. The individual elements in such a mind … read on

Nero Platinum 2023

Nero Platinum Suite – what the popular burning software and multimedia suite offers

The burning software and multimedia suite Nero Platinum Suite has been one of the most popular programs among many users for many years. Smartphone fever or any other zeitgeist have not changed that. This is no wonder, because working on … read on

Nero Platinum 2023

Nero Platinum 2023 is here and that’s new!

Nero Platinum 2023 is here! Nero Platinum Suite has been one of the most popular burning programs for many years and has evolved over time into a very comprehensive multimedia suite with photo management, video software and editing, music management … read on

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Subscription

New CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Update: with New Features and Accelerated Workflows

Alludo, the new name of the parent company of Corel Corp., has provided a new update of its graphics suite CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for subscribers. The new update brings new features and accelerated workflows. CorelDRAW is generally available as a … read on

Avira Prime including VPN

Avira Black Friday Offer – Save amazing 65%

Avira Black Friday Offer: Starting today, the Avira Black Friday offer offers a 65% discount on the security solutions Avira Prime (all-in-one solution with VPN), Avira Antivirus Pro and the advanced version Avira Internet Security. Avira’s offer expires on 034 … read on


How to Pretty up Your Social Icons Using Unordered List

Learn how to make a Social Bookmark Icon bar, this easy to follow tutorial uses an unordered list and css 3 transitions to create sweet animated moves on hover … read on

WordPerfect Office with 30% off (Corel Black Friday deals)

Corel WordPerfect Office Standard and Corel WordPerfect Office Professional are currently available again with a 30% discount here at Corel, which means a worthwhile discount. WordPerfect Office is not one of the dominant programs on the office market, at least … read on

How to Change WordPress Header Images on Posts and Pages

If you’re using a Twenty Ten based theme for your WordPress blog, you’ll most likely have the advantage of being able to upload and change WordPress header images, not only for your default header, but also for each individual post … read on

Safely remove unwanted software with Revo Uninstaller Pro

Safely removing unwanted software with Revo Uninstaller Pro not only ensures a clean system, but can also increase security. Windows offers on-board tools or most applications come with an uninstaller, but this does not always lead to success or all … read on

Twenty Eleven: WordPress 3.2 Themed

Love the – Hate the white space, it’s just too minimalist, it’s better – no, it’s worse than some paid themes, the header image and it’s display area is just too, mmm Big?, loading and positioning of images and concerns … read on

New Color Names in Abundance with CSS 3

The selection of “named colors” is much bigger as the 17 named CSS 2 color keywords, giving much more choice. Listed below, are the new color names roughly organized by Hue, each color strip shows: color keyword | hexadecimal value … read on