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Design InspirationInternational “dealings” and contacts are today common day practice, so big is the team work that it’s easier to ask what’s national rather than what’s international. As visiting other countries has become much more within reach for we mere minions, we’re taking the bull by the horns and getting out there, and that’s top. Travel is excellent food for the creative mind especially when you have the opportunity to come in contact with like minded individuals.
Germany is an outstanding source for new technology and intercultural influences, and there’s lots going on, we thought you’d like to hear a bit more.

What’s going on in Germany?

CeBIT - New TechnologyIn area web development and technology there’s really lots happening, be it in Cologne, Frankfurt or Berlin. One of the biggest trade fairs is of course CeBIT in Hanover, renown for world wide exhibition of new technic from the newest developments on the Robot front, new releases of i and smart phones and portable PC hardware like the newest trend in Tablet PCs, but also new fast moving technology like Shareconomy, Cloud Computing Systems and Big Data are also represented in big style. Business web applications (Cebit webciety) like intelligent information interchange are also in focus.

For those with a little German language under the hat, the holistic web conference “webinale” provides a full packed bee-hive of information and highlights concerning business, design and technology. This year hosted in Berlin, an example program run for 2013 includes naturally new trends in social media, eCommerce and Start-Ups. Together with in-depth conferences about responsive design, digital marketing and the ever more important user experience. A selection of sessions are held in English but if you have a smattering of German your choice of attendance is huge, with not much time left for dallying in the biergarten ;)

Design Inspiration BauhausEspecially interesting for Designers are traditional establishments like the “Bauhaus”, source of much inspiration and always newly interpreted in new design works. But Germany doesn’t only have the “Bauhaus” to offer. Not to be missed is also the massive array of creative inspiration in Berlin, for example the “abc” (art berlin contemporary) international exhibition gallery. Galleries, museums, trend setters – thinking Lady Gaga’s Hat maker – and art exhibitions including a massive source of international “food for thought” with typography, Video-Art, new artists and designers.

Planning your journey to Germany

Planning your journey to Germany is easy enough through online travel agents like “expedia” or through offline high street travel agencies. The most places offer destinations that are well versed in foreign languages.

Guided Travel Tours GermanyIf however you’re looking for that little something extra you may need a a bit more than a standard travel company to help. A really nice find that encompasses exactly this is “Distinctly Deutschland.” The Company is based in the USA, so you’re comfortably dealing with home ground folks, and specialize in organizing and coordinating tailor made itineraries in the form of Guided Travel Tours to Germany. Services include A-Z organization of a personalized travel plan that’s customized to your individual refinements, preferences and business trip schedule from where you’ll stay to how you want to spend your leisure time, be it site seeing in Bavaria, extreme mountain biking in the Alps or experiencing one of the many incomparable Christmas Markets that Germany has to offer.

Leisure time attractions?

Berlin Wall GraffitiAlthough famous for the much loved and popular Oktoberfest with it’s abundance of “bratwurst”, “bier” in liter sized glasses and extremely pretty serving girls in traditional costume, there is a lot more going on here! Not only the capital city’s culture center in the heart of Berlin with it’s myriad from museums, galleries and historical monuments has something to offer; Bavarian Alp Rafting, Zeppelin Flights, weekend Medieval Joust Tournaments and Ski Tournaments are also on the menu card offering not just travel and tourist attractions but also adventure breaks.

And of course, if you’re over here around Christmas time, even as early as November, the famous Christmas Markets are simply not to be missed with a colorful assortment of bier, mulled wine, “bratwurst” to suit every taste and Lebkuchen, the traditional spicy Christmas recipe .

We look forward to seeing you

Extending international business relations is becoming a must in our modern online world. If it’s simply in the exchange of new ideas, building new and profitable contacts or simply expanding your own repertoire of sources to fire inspiration and ideas.

CeBIT Logo: © Deutsche Messe AG
Bauhaus Anzeige: By Schreibkraft, own scan (Die Weltbühne, 1925/04/28) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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