Mobile Developer Conference in Nuremberg

Mobile Developer ConferenceIn July 2024, the mobile developer conference in Germany keeps mobile developers and designers up to date with the newest trends and developments on mobile platforms including marketing and app distribution. The four day mobile conference includes three days filled with „hot“ sessions and one workshop day. The mobile conference offers mobile developers the chance to learn more about the latest technologies and trends plus the most important facts about the mobile development technology including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry and web app techniques like Javascript or html e.g. for platform independent apps.

More than 250 Sessions, 40 tracks and 10 workshops are waiting for anyone interested in earning a living with mobile development. The session plan includes hot topics like Android, iOS, Mobile web, JavaScript cross-Platform, Windows Phone, Blackberry – so its not only about one system or one technique, it covers something for everyone, independent where your own focus lies.

The enormous amount of sessions give you the chance to learn about nearly every important aspect of mobile development you can imagine – if your are interested in offline strategies for your html 5 apps, mobile web performance, custom controls for iOS, responsive design, android undercover, Javascript apps with backbone.js, blackberry development, windows phone 8 and cross platform development then this is the place to go – like i said: something for everyone.

Of course, you don’t need to attend every session or track, picking out the ones which are most important to you and putting your own program together is probably the best way to go. The most sessions will be held in German so it would be helpful to have at least some German language skills so you make the best out of this very exciting conference.

Mobile Developer Conference Prices

More information about the current conference (& prices) is available here ( including a detailed program schedule, prices, how to book, how to travel, where to stay and much more.

My tip: if you have enough German language skills to join this conference then taking some days extras off for visiting the beautiful old town Nuremberg, is worth your while. Nuremberg is a fascinating town, not only because of its famous Christmas markets and its beautiful old town but also because modern times and developments are available there too, like the mobile developer conference. A great opportunity to combine the visit of an old historical town with business and learning.

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