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Keeping a track on the hundreds of small ToDos involved in a project or task is difficult enough. Making lists helps you to organize your work more efficiently and is a known technique for improving efficiency, reducing stress and keeping organized. A ToDo List can help you on your way. Here are two ToDo Lists to download. Both forms have a legend for shortcut suggestions for priority and Status.

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1. ToDo List Project

ToDo ListThe first ToDo List concentrates on a single project or task allowing you to record up to 35 ToDos for “this project” on one form. A single form allows record fields for: project, employee, team, date range with entries for ToDo title, contact person, short description, due date, duration, priority and status. A good form to use for tasks or projects that require multiple small ToDos.

File: zip file (contains todo-list-1-project.pdf)
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2. ToDo List Multi

ToDo ListThe second ToDo List contains three separate ToDo areas. Each one can be assigned to a different project or task. Each ToDo section has a larger description area, giving more space when you need to write more than a reminder keyword, plus entries for: project and project date, ToDo title, contact person, comments, due date, duration, status and priority. Useful for use during telephone calls and for small tasks.

File: zip file (contains todo-list-2-multi.pdf)
File Size: 68 Kb zipped (73 Kb unzipped)
Author and Copyright: © Deborah Bickel. All rights reserved.

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