Avira Black Friday Offer – Save amazing 65%

Avira Black Friday Offer: Starting today, the Avira Black Friday offer offers a 65% discount on the security solutions Avira Prime (all-in-one solution with VPN), Avira Antivirus Pro and the advanced version Avira Internet Security. Avira’s offer expires on 034 December 2023.

Avira Black Friday Offer – 65% Off Avira Prime

Avira Prime including VPNAvira Prime including VPN with a 65% discount is part of the amazing Avira Black Friday offer. The comprehensive suite for 5 devices gives you access to all Avira security solutions and tools, from the actual Internet security software with protection against ransomware & Co to password manager and it will allow to use unlimited VPN. Avira Prime offers protection for Windows, Mac and Android. Avira Antivirus Pro, on the other hand, would be the concentrated basic security solution for Windows.

Avira Prime is now available for only €36.95 instead of €104.95 in the first year thanks to the 65% discount on the Avira Black Friday offer until December 04, 2023.

Avira AntiVirus Pro with 65% discount

Avira AntiVirus Pro with a 65% discount is the ideal offer if you mainly want to protect a notebook or PC with Windows. Avira Antivirus Pro is the basic version of Avira Internet security solutions, but it already includes everything you need to get comprehensive basic protection. Ideal if you don’t need a VPN or the other tools and you don’t need protection for Mac & Co or otherwise protect yourself here.

Thanks to the 65% discount on the Avira Black Friday offer until December 04, 2023, Avira Antivirus Pro is now available for only €11.95 instead of €34.95 for the first year.

Avira Antivirus Internet Security with 65% discount

Avira Antivirus Internet Security with a 65% discount offers everything that Avira AntiVirus Pro offers, but also a vulnerability scanner, automatic software updates for important applications and automatic driver updates.

Thanks to the 65% discount, Avira Internet Security is now available for €15.95 instead of €44.95

In a nutshell: Even more protection and tools with Avira Prime with VPN included

The large Avira Prime solution offer not only includes 5 devices for one year, but also VIP support. At the same time, Avira Prime also offers customized protection solutions for Mac, Android, iOS, but also for Windows-based notebooks and PCs.

For example, Avira Prime for Windows includes:

  • The antivirus solution with comprehensive protection against malware and all other online threats.
  • A password manager for secure and encrypted passwords that can still be used comfortably.
  • Unlimited VPN, which is highly recommended, at least when using open public Wi-Fi, but also when sensitive data is transmitted at home or in the home office.
  • PC Cleaner to optimize Windows systems and speed up boot time
  • Software to keep programs and drivers up-to-date – also important with regard to possible security leaks of outdated programs
  • Windows Privacy Protection Software – a tool to set over 200 privacy settings on Windows.

The security solutions for Android, iOS and Mac, are adapted to the requirements of each system are available.

For smartphones and tablet PCs with Android, you can choose from: Antivirus Pro, Avira Optimizer Pro for optimization, Home Guard for vulnerability analysis of your own network, Phantom VPN Pro, Password Manager Pro and as a useful tool a QR code scanner.

Similar tools can be found for Mac and iOS. In addition, there are functions for browser protection, safe shopping and much more.

If you want to protect yourself comprehensively, you will find a very interesting offer here.

Avira Black Friday Offer Summarized

Avira AntiVirus Pro with 65% discount for 11.95 instead of 34.95 euros

Avira Internet Security with 65% discount for 15.95 instead of 44.95 euros

Avira Prime with 65% discount for €36.95 instead of €104.95

Similar prices should be available in other currencies.

The price is valid for the first year. The offers are valid until 04 December 2023.


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