WebSite X5 2024.2 available – the new features of the web design software

website x5 proIncomedia has released a new update of the well-known web design and online shop software WebSite X5. WebSite X5 2024.2 brings some exciting new features that are worthwhile.

WebSite X5 is a well-known software for creating websites, homepages and even complete online shops, whereby users do not need to have complex programming knowledge. Nor is it necessary to install or maintain a CMS software to create complex websites or online shops.

WebSite X5 is not a subscription software. Each purchased license can be used for an unlimited period of time. However, Incomedia releases regular updates, typically 4 times a year, which can be obtained as part of an up-to-dateness guarantee. After purchase, this is included for 1 year, after which you can optionally extend it at a special price if you want to enjoy the latest features.

What’s new in WebSite X5 2024.2

One focus of the new version WebSite X5 2024.2 is the revision and further development of the program core. These changes are not visible to the outside world but are intended to lay the foundation for planned future developments of WebSite X5. At the same time, we will certainly already benefit from the optimizations. This is an important step for the future of WebSite X5, but it is not directly visible from the outside.

But don’t worry: WebSite X5 2024.2 also offers visible new features that you can benefit from immediately.

Stripe Integration

If you’ve created an online store with WebSite X5, you can benefit from Stripe’s integration.  Stripe is a well-known payment management platform. With the WebSite X5 integration, users can now open an account directly from WebSite X5 and integrate Stripe into their online store.

You can then offer and accept any type of payment on your own online store: credit and debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, recurring bank debits, vouchers and over 135 different currencies are possible.

Stripe offers various customer interfaces for customized payment methods and promises high security standards for transactions.

The integration of Stripe is an interesting feature for anyone who runs an online shop with WebSite X5 and opens up new possibilities in payment transactions.

Data Management

WebSite X5 now offers users the option (optionally) to automate and take over data management. Whenever you want to import a file of any type with WebSite X5, you now have two options. With Local File, you can open the Windows Classic File Selector window to import a file from your PC or select Online Library to access the built-in online libraries of free and premium images.

The project’s Library window is no longer displayed as WebSite X5 takes over file management in 2024.2. However, the Project Optimization window can still be used to access the information of a project and its resources.

Other new features in WebSite X5 2024.2

WebSite X5 2024.2 now offers integration with Google’s ReCaptcha 3, which allows you to protect your website against Sam. With the current version of it, humans and bots can be distinguished based on the user’s previous actions, which users can often continue with without having to click the “I am not a robot” box.

WebSite X5 now offers a new library for the publishing engine. The new library for the FTP engine now offers support for several new encryption algorithms (TLS, Transport Layer Security), making it compatible with more servers.

With the video management, you can now set a cover image and set the playback of the video when clicking or mouseover.

With the new settings in the style of the tooltips, these can be defined more precisely. This gives the user more control over the personalization of the notes that explain the link to which they are linked.

Important update of the editions

With the new version, Incomedia concentrates all online shop functions only in the Pro version, but existing projects should continue to work. In any case, the Pro version was the version of choice for exempt online shop operators.

The new version WebSite X5 2024.2 therefore also offers immediately visible useful functions, but above all an internal revision that lays the foundations for the next updates and the associated functions.

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