WebSite X5 2024.1 Update with exciting new features (web design)

The well-known software for creating homepages and online shops WebSite X5 has some exciting innovations to offer with the first update of 2024 in version WebSite X5 2024.1. On the one hand, these offer more speed, but on the other hand, they also offer new payment methods for online shops with Apple Pay and Google Pay and some other innovations.

WebSite X5 with ongoing updates

WebSite X5 is not a subscription software, but there is an up-to-dateness guarantee that you can get for free in the first year and at a preferential price from the 2nd year. This gives you access to the latest version of WebSite X5. As a rule, there are four updates per year with quite exciting new features each time.

Depending on how and what you use WebSite X5 for, every update is more or less exciting for its own purpose, but in the course of the year there is always something for everyone and sometimes every update is exciting.

WebSite X5 Pro

WebSite X5 2024.1 with faster graphics engine and FTP engine

A major focus of the new WebSite X5 2024.1 version is speed. WebSite X5 has received a new graphics engine, which is supposed to be much more powerful. According to Incomedia, images are now loaded up to 45% faster, stored up to 50% faster and are up to 20% smaller.

The FTP engine has also been improved, which makes uploading a website or updated components noticeably faster, especially if your project contains many small files. Creating and removing directories is also said to be up to 70% faster.

These are all important building blocks for faster overall performance when working with WebSite X5. Features that simply make it more comfortable, efficient and time-saving when working with WebSite X5.

For online stores: Google Pay, Apple Pay and Vaulting now supported

If you use WebSite X5 for an online shop, you can look forward to further new and interesting features with the new version via the integration with PayPal Commerce Platform.

For example, you can now also activate or consider payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay. It allows you to store credit and debit cards on Android and iOS devices, respectively, and make payments quickly and securely, both in-store and online, without having to resort to physical cards.

So-called vaulting is now also supported, which enables the storage of payment methods. Customers are thus offered the opportunity to save the data provided for the payment so that they do not have to re-enter it when placing a later order.

Likewise, the list of countries where PayPal Commerce Platform has the option for direct credit card payments enabled has been expanded. In addition to the US, Canada, Australia, England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, this feature is now available for 24 countries in the EMEA region.

Your own online shop can be significantly upgraded with the new extended payment functions, which in turn supports the success of your own offer.

Other new features in WebSite X5 2024.1

WebSite X5 now provides a command to replace the home page. This can now be done directly from the sitemap with one click, whereby a selected page becomes the new homepage of the project. At the same time, all links will be updated at once.

Advanced style features: it is now possible to add social media buttons to email templates and define the style and format of data. It is also very practical that you can now add a personalized style to text links. This is useful for optimal link readability when certain areas of a page have different color ranges.

The user interface of WebSite X5 has also been optimized. For example, some of the most commonly used controls have been updated, including the color picker window, which also adds opacity and color code. Likewise, the buttons for text alignment, element placement, and shadow management.

But that’s still it with the newer ones, because the management of optional objects has also been simplified, so that they are ready for immediate use.

A number of very interesting new features for the web design and homepage software WebSite X5, which Incomedia has donated and I think there is something for everyone.

More information about WebSite X5 can be found here at Incomedia

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