WebSite X5 Homepage software with winter offer – save 35%

With the WebSite X5 winter offer, valid until January 30, 2024, you can now get the well-known homepage and web design software WebSite X5 at a much lower price with a 35% discount. The 35% discount is available with the WebSite X5 for both WebSite X5 Evo and the large version WebSite X5 Pro, which not only, but above all, appeals to all those who want to set up an online store.

WebSite X5 Evo now available for 58.46 euros instead of 89.95 euro (winter offer)

WebSite X5 Pro now available for 129.96 euros instead of 199.95 euro (winter offer)

12 months of web hosting already included with WebSite X5 winnter offer

Both cases include 12 months of web hosting including domain, web space and email addresses. WebSite X5 offers everything you need to get started with this program, to create your own website or even an online store and upload it to a web hosting service that suits you best. The inclusive hosting is tailored to the WebSite X5 version and what it is typically used for.

WebHosting of WebSite X5 Evo includes

  • Registration or takeover of a (possibly) already existing domain
  • 100 GB web space on SSD storage
  • 1 E-Mail Box
  • 1 SFTP/FTP account
  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Renewing the WebHosting package after the first 12 months after purchasing WebSite X5 Evo currently costs 1.99 euros per month.

WebHosting of WebSite X5 Pro includes

  • Registration or takeover of a (possibly) already existing domain
  • 500 GB web space on SSD storage
  • 5 E-Mail Boxes
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • 1 SFTP/FTP account
  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

The MySQL database is only required if you want to create and use an online store with WebSite X5.

Renewing the WebHosting package after the first 12 months after purchasing WebSite X5 Pro currently costs 2.99 euros per month.

However, the use of the inclusive web hosting package is not mandatory, you can also use another new or possibly already used web hosting provider without any problems

WebSite X5 winter offer for creating homepages and online stores without programming

WebSite X5 is a very comprehensive website that does not require any programming knowledge of HTML, CSS or even PHP to create your own website, whether professional or private, or even an online shop. You don’t need any prior knowledge, but of course WebSite X5 also has a certain amount of learning to do, but it’s manageable.

The homepage/web design software combines intuitive operation on the one hand with a surprisingly wide variety of possibilities. WebSite X5 always reminds me of a grab bag, because you always discover new amazing possibilities. With WebSite X5 you can build a small, manageable homepage as well as very complex websites.

The path to your own homepage can be discovered and implemented in a pleasant and relaxed way, because you can first create your website offline and experiment and try out a lot. Only when you are really satisfied with your own website in the end, you upload the finished homepage to the chosen web hosting solution. This gives you peace of mind and time to familiarize yourself with WebSite X5 without any stress.

WebSite X5 is a versatile web design software that can be used to implement a small family website or a compact business presence as well as a more complex club website, even with member access. But you can also create a complete online shop, also for digital offers. The online shops created with WebSite X5 offer a wide range of features, from exciting product pages and customer management to the connection of payment platforms and marketing measures.

The implementation of a website is carried out with WebSite X5 with a grid layout-based concept. This allows the user to create a homepage without programming knowledge, largely by drag and drop. This can also be done in a modern way, so that your own website is optimally displayed on any device. You don’t need any programming skills, but you can bring them in if you want, because WebSite X5 offers options for this as well.

A wealth of possibilities for individual websites

WebSite X5 offers many modules/objects for individual extension. Your own blog or exciting photo galleries can be integrated as well as extensive forms with validation, videos and social media platforms or even Google Maps and much more.

Extensive possibilities, which nevertheless allow anyone with a little will to implement this without support from third parties or greater prior knowledge. The logically organized, multi-stage structure of the program, which leads through the design process in a very structured way, also contributes to this.

WebSite X5 is not a subscription software, but it is optionally guaranteed to be up-to-date

WebSite X5 is not a subscription software, so there are no monthly costs after purchase, and you can still use each purchased license indefinitely. One license allows the use of WebSite X5 on two devices (with the same user), for example on the home office PC and a notebook. WebSite X5 also allows you to create any number of websites, so you can let off steam.

WebSite X5 also offers an interesting up-to-dateness guarantee, which allows you to receive an update with new features for 12 months, usually four times a year. When you buy a new license, 12 months are already included, after which you can extend this up-to-dateness guarantee for a fee at a special price. However, this is not a prerequisite for continuing to use a WebSite X5 license once purchased.

Nevertheless, the up-to-dateness guarantee of WebSite X5 is worth it, as there are exciting improvements four times a year, for the last improvements in 2023 see my article here.

WebSite X5 Evo now available for 58.46 euro instead of 89.95 euro with 35% discount

WebSite X5 Pro now available for 129.96 euros instead of 199.95 euro (35% discount)

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