WebSite X5 Black Friday Pre Offer – 25% Discount

WebSite X5 Black Friday Pre Offer: The homepage and web design software WebSite X5 is currently available with a 25% discount. The offer is valid for both the slightly smaller version WebSite X5 Evo and the large version WebSite X5 Pro. Thanks to the 25% discount on the WebSite X5 you get both variants very cheap.

Included in both cases is 12 months of web hosting including domain, web space and e-mail addresses, so you can get started right away and don’t have to worry about looking for a suitable web hosting package. The inclusive hosting is tailored to the WebSite X5 version and what it is typically used for.

This is the WebHosting offer included in WebSite X5 Evo

  • Registration or takeover of your own domain
  • 100 GB web space on SSD storage
  • 1 E-Mail Box
  • 1 SFTP/FTP account
  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Renewing the WebHosting package after the first 12 months after purchasing WebSite X5 Evo currently costs 1.99 euros per month.

WebSite X5 Pro’s web hosting includes

  • Registration or takeover of your own domain
  • 500 GB web space on SSD storage
  • 5 E-Mail Boxes
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • 1 SFTP/FTP account
  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

The MySQL database is needed here if you want to create and use an online store with WebSite X5.

Renewing the WebHosting package after the first 12 months after purchasing WebSite X5 Pro currently costs 2.99 Euro per month

WebSite X5: A good choice if you want to create a website or an online shop

WebSite X5 Pro

WebSite X5 is a very successful software that makes it easy to create your own website, whether professional or private, or even an online shop with your own resources and without having to have programming knowledge. The web design software combines simplicity in operation on the one hand with a variety of possibilities in a very intuitive way. The homepage software also allows you to create simple small websites up to very complex websites.

All this can be discovered and implemented in a relaxed way, because everything happens offline and only when you are satisfied, you upload the finished page to your own hosting solution. Ideal from the small family page, the club page, also with member access, the business page to the complex online shop, also for digital offers.

The online shops created with WebSite X5 offer extensive features, from exciting product pages, customer management to the connection of payment platforms.

WebSite X5 allows users to create a homepage largely by drag & drop on a grid layout-based concept without programming knowledge. This also in a modern way, so that your own website is optimally displayed on every device. Programming skills are not necessary, but if you like, you can bring them in.

A wealth of possibilities for individual websites

WebSite X5 offers a wealth of possibilities and modules or objects. So you can integrate exciting photo galleries as well as extensive forms and also videos and social media platforms can be integrated, as well as Google Maps and much more.

Despite the extensive possibilities, the creation can always be done in such a way that anyone with a little will can implement it without the support of third parties or greater prior knowledge. The logically organized structure of the program, which leads through the design process in a very structured way, also contributes to this.

WebSite X5 is not a subscription software, but with a worthwhile guarantee of timeliness

WebSite X5 is not a subscription software, so you can use any purchased license indefinitely. One license can be used on two end devices, for example home office PC and a notebook.

However, WebSite X5 offers an up-to-dateness guarantee, with which you will receive an update with new functions over 12 months, usually four times a year. When buying a new license, 12 months are included, then you can extend this warranty for a fee at a special price. However, this is not a prerequisite for continuing to use a WebSite X5 license once purchased.

So it’s worth taking advantage of WebSite X5’s up-to-dateness guarantee, because there are always exciting improvements, in addition to the latest improvements in the first quarter of 2023.

WebSite X5 – recommended software for creating homepages and online stores – now with 25% discount as WebSite X5 Pre Offer

website X5 prowebsite X5 evo

However, it is especially worthwhile to use WebSite X5 in general, because the software offers everyone the possibility to create a successful website from the simple to the complex website in a simple and structured way. Without outside help and without programming knowledge and currently you can buy this wonderful program for creating homepages and online shops also very cheap, with 25% discount.

WebSite X5 Evo now already for 67,46 Euro instead of 89,95 Euro

WebSite X5 Pro now already for 149,97 Euro instead of 195,95 Euro

Offer runs until Nov 23, 2023

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