MindManager – MindMapping Software currently 28% cheaper

At the moment, there is a particularly good deal on the well-known mind mapping software MindManager, as there is a 28% discount on the first year if you opt for the extended subscription version. As an alternative to the subscription version, there is also a one-time purchase license, but it is not on offer, at least now.

Thanks to the current discount, the creative visualization and mind mapping software MindManager is available for one year for 153.50 instead of 213.00 euros (28% discount).  The subscription version offers some additional features, such as collaboration, and receives ongoing updates, making it particularly interesting for users and companies that regularly use the mind mapping software for their projects, idea management and tasks.

The MindManager offer is valid until April 22, 2024.

Visualize ideas, projects, and concepts with mind maps, charts, and more with the MindManager offer

MindManager is a very good and very comprehensive program to visualize ideas, projects and concepts. Of course, MindManager is particularly interesting for business use and it also offers excellent tools for use in the scientific field.  A creativity and production tool with extensive mind mapping features and tools that helps users visualize creative ideas, goals and projects graphically in different ways.

The visual order of information makes it easier for users to focus and makes it possible to make even very extensive complex information more tangible.

Break down processes into their individual components


Screenshot: Corel Corp.

MindManager makes it possible to divide even complex processes into individual components, whereby users can then also adjust the depth or level of detail of the respective information. This breakdown makes it easier for the user to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

MindManager not only offers the well-known mind maps, but also flowcharts, concept maps, timelines, diagrams and much more. Text and/or symbols, as well as notes or even documents, can also be inserted or attached. You can also use formatting, which can actually be almost any user-defined properties.

All this is rounded off by design and layout features, so that the goal, content and appearance can be implemented and adapted with many possibilities. But MindManager offers even more, because you can also assign appointments and resources and and and…. With MindManager you get a very comprehensive tool to visually implement tasks, goals, ideas, whether for a large project plan or for a planned meeting.

The possibility of additional information as described makes it much easier for other employees or customers to understand the charts and maps created and gain valuable information.

MindManager works with Microsoft Office

MindManager offers many templates that help you get started with the chart, diagram… facilitate. MindManager can also be integrated with Microsoft ffice, further streamlining the workflow.

A program for ambitious creative users, whether private, professional or scientific.

Top MindManager offer

On the product pages you can find out more about the various possibilities of this software, as these possibilities can hardly be described in one article.

The MindManager offer with a 28% discount is available here 

Note: no voucher is required, the offer is available directly on the MindManager page.

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