MindManager Black Friday offer: Up to 25% off and WinZip Pro for free

MindManager Black Friday offer: If you currently choose MindManager Pro, you not only benefit from up to 24% discount, but you also get WinZip Pro 26 worth 49.95 euros for free. There is a 24% discount if you opt for the annual plan including ongoing updates, and 25% discount is available for the one-time purchase license, which can be used indefinitely.

MindManager Black Friday offer – What is MindManager?


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MindManager is a well-known creativity and production tool, proven since about 1994 and used by many companies, teams and individuals, which supports users with extensive mind mapping features and tools to graphically visualize creative ideas, goals and projects. In a certain sense, the program is of course also a brainstorming tool, because the visualization of ideas and projects and tasks also supports the further development and thinking through of ideas and projects.

The visual order of the often extensive information makes it easier for users to focus and make the information to be processed more tangible, which in turn often releases new trains of thought.

What is WinZip Pro?

WinZip Pro is the classic compression solution, but it has long offered more than just sophisticated and fast archiving functions, but also many advanced features. Since version 26 there are some new possibilities, but also an even further improved integration in the system.

One of the innovations introduced in recent versions was the WinZip apps. Feature enhancements that can also be run on their own, providing PDF editing and conversion capabilities, backup capabilities, and even image editing. Standalone executable, but also integrated into the core functions of the compression solution. The functions are intended to improve the workflow in the processing and sharing of information privately and also in business use.

You can find the MindManager Pro Black Friday offer with up to 25% discount and WinZip Pro as a free bonus here

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