MindManager: Big Sale – 20% discount

MindManager: A big offer where you can get MindManager with 20% discount at the moment is an excellent opportunity to license this creative visualization and mind mapping software much cheaper. The MindManager offer with 20% discount only runs from 17 – 20 January 2023, so don’t miss it. The discount is only available for the annual license.

MindManager: Big Sale with 20% discount for a brilliant program

MindManager professional templates

MindManager is a proven program that allows users to capture and structure thoughts, ideas, projects, and visions using various organizational structures such as flowcharts, tree-style mind maps, timelines, Venn diagrams and many more.

The elements, shapes of different kinds, in such a tree, diagram or mind map can be freely linked to each other, elements can be added, moved, or removed to adapt to your own ideas. There are a variety of markers or tags available for the individual elements in a mind map, for example to mark the priority, progress, risk, pros, cons and much more, so that every mind map, every diagram can be filled with life, which describes the current state of the project or train of thought. But not only that, documents, notes & annotations, and much more can also be linked to the elements in the tree.

Perfect for plans & projects with an eye on progress

A very good program also for displaying plans and projects in the broadest sense, for which you create tasks and organize them by categories, assign resources to them and then progress markers and tags, so that you always have an eye on the progress of a business plan or project.

MindManager offers numerous, highly professional templates to help you get started. These allow the presentation of a project management plan as well as you can develop a strategy plan, make financial analyses (MindManager can also calculate and formulas), plan and visualize a business concept, plan a meeting and so much more.

MindManager Project Management

MindManager simply helps to map all these processes clearly, at the same time it also makes complex business processes understandable and finally, the visualization also releases new ideas and thoughts that might not have been realized without the visualization.

A wealth of applications

MindManager offers a wealth of applications for a wide variety of scenarios, whereby the numerous templates help enormously and sometimes only stimulate one or the other meaningful scenario.

Despite the complexity and possibilities of MindManager, the operation is comparatively simple, even if you have some learning effort at the beginning. The operating concept of the program is strongly based on Microsoft Office and can also interact with it in many areas. Among other things, import and export from and to Microsoft Project, Word, and Excel as well as synchronization with SharePoint and Outlook with MindManager is possible.

MindManager is available as a one-time purchase version as well as a subscription version or 365-day version, whereby the latter can have valuable advantages, especially around cooperation. In the 365-day version, for example, you get co-editing functions that allow colleagues to collaborate on a map across departments, offices, and time zones.

Extra Advantage with the subscription version: Collaboration tools

These collaboration tools make it possible to brainstorm together or collaborate on a business idea, project, and more, regardless of the location of each team member.

MindManager as a subscription version is also flexible because the program can be used on Windows and Mac, in Microsoft Teams, on Chromebooks and on the web. Finally, you get ongoing upgrades to the latest versions automatically.

MindManager: Great creative software and a great MindManager offer with 20% discount

MindManager is certainly one of the most ingenious programs in the field of creativity in everyday business. It simply facilitates the capture of thoughts, the visualization of projects, plans, meetings, business concepts, financial analysis and many more and makes all these processes visible.

MindManager does not place enormous demands on hardware. Up-to-date hardware that runs typical Office applications will usually suffice.

More information about MindManager and about the big offer with 20% discount can be found here.

Offer valid from 17 – 20 January 2023. Discount is only available for the annual license.

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