Hide.me VPN – interesting alternative VPN solution that doesn’t record log files

Hide.me VPN is an interesting alternative VPN solution from Malaysia, which is developed and maintained by a small team, which means that you do not belong to a large corporation. The location Malaysia probably has some advantages for the user, because Hide.me VPN does not store log files of the activities of its users, as there is probably no law that would enforce this there.

Hide.me publishes transparency reports on possible requests from courts for possible illegal activities, but usually cannot offer data because, in its own words, it does not store data. Nevertheless, you are of course not operating in a legal vacuum and VPN should therefore never be used for questionable activities. VPN is used for your own privacy, but not to carry out illegal activities.


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Hide.me VPN – alternative VPN solution that doesn’t record log files

Basically, VPN is used to use the Internet securely, especially in public spaces, because it is encrypted. It can also be used to bypass country blocks, as you get servers and thus corresponding country-specific IP addresses, with which you can then also use services that would normally be blocked for a German IP. In principle, VPN also serves data protection, as you sail under the radar, so to speak, encrypted with virtual IP.

According to its own statement, “Hide.me is the first VPN provider in the entire industry to agree to be audited by one of the respected independent security experts, Leon Juranic of Defensecode Ltd. He has confirmed that hide.me does not keep activity logs.”

Hide.me does not store any name, IP address, or other personal information. Of course, Hide.me can use your data for advertising purposes and promotions, but you can also refuse this. However, it is not necessarily always a bad thing to be informed about new functions or special offers, for example.

Country blocks can usually be bypassed

Hide.me analysis of various test reports, the VPN can be used very well in the vast majority of cases to bypass country blocks, only in very few cases does this probably not work according to test reports.

The installation and use of the software is generally described as quite easy and also quite hassle-free for newcomers. All VPNs lead to a certain slowdown due to encryption and the use of worldwide servers, among other things, but this is limited to the usual framework with Hide.me VPN and is usually hardly noticeable with fast lines under normal use.

Lots of security protocols and security features with Hide.me VPN

Hide.me offers a variety of security protocols, most of which recommend WireGuard, but protocols such as OpenVPN, I KEv2/IPSec, and others are also available.

Hide.me also offers split tunneling, which slices the data into two VPN tunnels, so to speak, which makes it extremely difficult for attackers to reassemble this data in a meaningful way.

Hide.me VPN also offers other security features such as StealthGuard, IP Leak Firewall, and IPv6 Guard. In order not to make the article too long, I recommend that you inform yourself in detail on the pages of Hide.me VPN.

It also includes SmartGuard, a tool that blocks ads, trackers, and malicious websites.

Can be used on up to 10 devices at the same time and free plan for testing

Hide.me can be used on 10 devices at the same time, including Windows and Mac and Linux notebooks & PCs, but also smartphones with Android and iOS. Hide.me VPN can also be used for Amazon Fire TV.

Hide.me VPN gets quite good reviews for its quality, high data security, the fact that no log files are created and the ease of use on up to 10 devices, as well as the implemented technologies and security features. Therefore, hide.me VPN is certainly a VPN solution that you should at least test for yourself.

There is a free plan for testing, but it is logically limited. For example, only 1 connection is possible, the data volume is limited to 10 GB per month, and you only have 8 locations (servers) to choose from.

There are several plans to choose from for the full range of features, with the cheapest solution being the 27-month plan. Currently, you can get Hide.me VPN on offer for only 59.99 euros net for 27 months, which makes only 2,22 Euro per month. Similar prices in other currencies, VAT/Sales Tax could be added, depending on your country.

If you want to know more about the very interesting Hide.me VPN offer, you can get detailed information from the provider here.

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