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Create a Paintbrush Brush Tip in PhotoPlus

Custom brush tips are great if you want to create something original, you can create your own in, and for use with PhotoPlus. The routine is straight forward and not difficult, but there are quite a few steps to take … read on

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20 Doodle Brush Tips for PhotoPlus

Hand drawn doodles bring a touch of individuality to design and graphic work. This set of doodle Brush Tips contains 20 hand drawn doodles for Serif PhotoPlus – arrows, crosses, boxes, scribbles and exclamations – scanned in at 300 dpi. … read on

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Charcoal Brushes Set 2 for PhotoPlus X4

This free brush tip resource is, once more, for Serif PhotoPlus X4 users. With the popularity of the first set of charcoal brushes, comes a second set with a further, third set in planning. Adding original hand created strokes to … read on

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6 HB Pencil Brushes for PhotoPlus

This set of HB pencil brushes contains 6 different pencil strokes made with a HB Grade pencil. The pencil strokes are hand drawn, scanned at high resolution and converted for PhotoPlus into a brush set. Brush strokes include horizontal, vertical, … read on

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PhotoPlus X4 Charcoal Brushes

Todays free resource is for Serif PhotoPlus X4 users. Add real charcoal brushes & strokes to your images and designs to give an authentic, hand drawn feel. This set of seven, large brush tips is created from high resolution scans … read on

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