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Some have it, some don’t

Together the many mega designers that have the luck to be able to sell their ideas in their sleep, exists a less fortunate array of designers that just “get it in the neck” on a regular basis. This doesn’t necessarily … read on

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Periodic Table of HTML Elements

A fine idea and interpretation of HTML elements in the well known format of a periodic table is a nice find. Over at JoshDruck.com you can find just that. Displayed in a very clean and organized format and sorted and … read on

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Time Management PDF Download

One of the best ways to manage your time efficiently is to record how much time you spend on specific projects, be it for work or in private. Design professionals are often caught up in multiple overlapping projects that make … read on

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Adding Extra Domains to AdSense™/Analytics™ Tracking

Tracking the performance of your AdSense™ Ads can help you with fine tuning and detecting the effects of positioning, sizes and different color ways of you Ad-Blocks. If you’re also using Google Analytics™ on you’re web sites you can link … read on

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The Long and Short of Discounting Yourself

One of the most difficult parts when starting out in the design business is how much you should be charging for your services and if you should be offering, or accepting, discounted work. Discounting yourself is a much discussed topic … read on

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Do You Really Need a Contract for Design Work

Well, yes, really you do. Many designers jump head long into business full of enthusiasm, bright ideas and a nitro fueled ignition in the rear end only to find that the unexpected really does happen, and you’re not going to … read on

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Cure a Blank Page with Mind Mapping

Not all work that a designer takes on are so easy to come up with new ideas that are not only creative but also relevant and original, and not all ideas are easily accepted by a client even with a … read on

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How to Change WordPress Header Images on Posts and Pages

If you’re using a Twenty Ten based theme for your WordPress blog, you’ll most likely have the advantage of being able to upload and change WordPress header images, not only for your default header, but also for each individual post … read on

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