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Using CSS box-shadow – Properties and Examples

The box-shadow property is a shorthand property used to apply a set values for horizontal and vertical displacement, blur amount, spread, color and position to an element. Multiple box-shadows can be declared, each set separated by a comma. In the … read on

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Periodic Table of HTML Elements

A fine idea and interpretation of HTML elements in the well known format of a periodic table is a nice find. Over at JoshDruck.com you can find just that. Displayed in a very clean and organized format and sorted and … read on

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How to Spice-Up your Social Icons Lists using CSS 3

This is the last part of the tutorial series on how to use unordered lists and a little CSS to create nice looking Social Bookmark Icon lists. In this tutorial we’re going to create a social icon block using an … read on

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Just another Font

Many web sites use the standard selection of fonts to display headers and body text, fonts that are sure to be displayed just like they’re supposed to and that are almost certain to be available on the visitors PC or … read on

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Add Focus Glow to Input Fields

Adding effects to input fields helps your users to find their way around. Using the CSS property, box-shadow, you can create a nice subtle glow effect, in CSS 3 supporting browsers, when an input field is given focus. Set standard properties … read on

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Embossed Letterpress Effect with CSS

Embossed, letterpress text effects can be created as graphic work, but with just a few lines of CSS code, you can also create a this popular effect directly in your CSS code. This example covers how this can be done … read on

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Create an Animated CSS Block

for good looking social bookmark icons Displaying your social bookmark icons in a simple, animated social bookmark icons block is sometimes just what you need. In this tutorial we’re going to create that with just an unordered list, a few … read on

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How to Wrap Very Long Words and Strings Using CSS

Long words and paths can be a problem but can be easily controlled or forced to either wrap around to fit inside the container’s width or to create a scrolling area in which long strings or words are preserved, but … read on

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Create an Expandable Button Using CSS border-image

Using a small image together with the CSS border-image property, it’s possible to create a flexible button that will expand to hold differing content lengths or to allow for text sizes depending on a users custom settings. In this experiment … read on

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How to Add an Image to HTML Lists Using CSS

Adding images instead of bullets (list markers) to lists adds a nice touch to your design, enabling you to carry the design of your web site into your list elements. This is quite easy to do using the CSS list-style-image … read on

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