Inspired by: Vector Ribbons

Inspired by the Vector RibbonRibbons have been showing their faces for quite some time now, and seem to be slowly getting a little tired. What’s nice about trends is that they come and go, what’s great about trends is that when they go some remnants often remain in the way of a newly defined classics. Taking a peek on graphicriver brings out some of these potentially new classic vector ribbon forms.

Take a look and get inspired:

Vector Set of Retro Labels, Buttons and Icons by seniors

Very classy collection of retro style elements in black/blue from the talented Russian designer seniors.

Vector Set of Retro Labels, Buttons and Icons by seniors

Vector Retro Labels, Buttons and Icons »

Elements of Infographics with buttons and menus fet

If you’re looking for Infographics for Apps, the collection from fet is pretty impressive. To ask what didn’t get left out would be an easier question. Ribbons are also included as part of the set, sitting right in the middle of this awesome collection.

Elements of Infographics by fet

Infographics »

Graphicriver is a great place where designers and searchers come together, both at an advantage. Great graphic design, great designers, good prices. One can’t really ask for more :)

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