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Free Rough Packing Paper Texture

An interesting piece of packing paper came through the post just a couple of weeks ago, unlike your standard flat recycled, this one has a rough surface and lots going on. So, scanned and photographed I thought some of you … read on

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High Res. Recycled Paper Texture

Left in the original format, this high resolution scan of is of a 20 year old, 100 gram fine grained, recycled paper texture made with 50% recycled consumer waste, and 50% virgin wood residue, a hit in its time. The … read on

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Free High Res Crumpled Tissue Paper Textures

Tissue paper gives the most wonderful returns on creases and folds so easily and impressively, these just had to be desaturated, diffused and uploaded for usage. A super addition to any collection, these crumpled tissue paper textures are ideal for … read on

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4 Beige Toned High Res Paper Textures

From being just a small child, I was always fascinated by paper, and still am. There’ll probably be quite a few of this type of texture after a while, so here’s my first set. It’s a set of manipulated, dark … read on

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