Parallels Desktop Black Friday Offer with 25% Off All Products

Starting today, the Parallels Desktop Black Friday offer offers a 25% discount on all products from the popular virtualization software for Mac. The Black Friday offer is valid until 05 December 2022.

Parallels Desktop Black Friday offer valid on all products

Parallels Desktop v18The 25% discount on Parallels Desktop is available for both new customers and updates, both for the Standard and Pro and Business versions, and where available, there is a 25% discount on Parallels Desktop product, both the one-time license editions and the one-year subscription editions with ongoing promotions.

If you plan to use the latest version of the virtualization software every year anyway, the subscription variant is cheaper and more sensible, as it includes ongoing updates. But everyone can decide for themselves.

A quick look at Parallels Desktop

Parallels is of course the program for all Mac users who want to use Windows applications and the Windows system itself on a Mac. Ideal for developers, but also ideal if you do not want to do without a Mac, but also not on beloved or possibly urgently needed Windows programs, which are not available in this form for the Mac.

Run Windows and MacOs side-by-side on your Mac

With Parallels Desktop, Windows and MacOs can run in parallel on the Mac, no need to restart the computer and you can easily exchange data between the two worlds. If you like, you can also set up the system to fill the screen so that the Mac feels like a normal Windows device.

Conversely, you can also use Windows invisibly in the background when working on the display with pure Mac software. Parallels is such a very practical virtualization software that unites the Mac world and Windows.

Also for new Mac computers

Parallels runs with OSX and Windows from version 7 and Linux is also possible.

For those who want to use fast virtualization from Windows to a Mac to use Windows applications on it, the proven Parallels Desktop is undoubtedly a highly recommended choice.

In addition to the Intel world, Parallels Desktop also supports newer Mac computers with M1 chips and thus of course also with macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey. The Parallels Access and Parallels Toolbox tools also support M1 systems.

The Parallels Desktop Black Friday offer with 25% off all products is available here at Parallels Software.

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