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How to Create Simple Rounded Corners with CSS 3

Creating rounded corners with CSS 3 is amongst one of the most useful new features introduced in CSS 3. Here we’re going to take a look at how you can create them to highlight a text paragraph for adding emphasis. … read on

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What’s New in CSS 3

Loads of new CSS 3 properties are earning support from popular browsers, with an enormous range of new flexibility for designers and developers, if you haven’t already started looking into it, you can start now with our what’s new overview. read on

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New Color Values and Transparency in CSS 3

In addition to the extended color keywords range, CSS 3 offers new color values, not only the existing hexadecimal, e.g. #ff0000 and RGB, rgb(0,120,46), color models but also an additional HSL model, plus additional Alpha values on HSL and RGB … read on

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New Color Names in Abundance with CSS 3

The selection of “named colors” is much bigger as the 17 named CSS 2 color keywords, giving much more choice. Listed below, are the new color names roughly organized by Hue, each color strip shows: color keyword | hexadecimal value … read on

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