O&O BlueCon 20 released: Disaster Recovery for PCs and Servers

O&O Bluecon 20 - Disaster Recovery for your companyO&O has released a new version of the well-known Software O&O BlueCon 20.  O&O Bluecon is a disaster recovery software for PCs and servers, so it is always used when computers cause problems. For example, in the case of faulty Windows updates, when malware has infected a system, when unsaved files have been accidentally deleted and, in addition to other application scenarios, of course, even if a Windows computer or server no longer starts at all.

For such cases, O&O Bluecon offers the right tools to recover accidentally deleted data, help with driver problems, import data backups, remove Windows updates, process driver problems and much more. It also helps partition hard drives, set new passwords to unlock Bitlocker drives, and more.

O&O Bluecon also offers daily tools for eliminating Windows errors, for checking drives, deleting data completely, for managing users, for reloading drivers before starting the program and more.

So a very comprehensive disaster recovery set with numerous functions, whenever something gets stuck on Windows computers and servers.

What’s new in O&O Bluecon 20:

New in O&O Bluecon 20 and perhaps the most important innovation is the integration of O&O Check & Repair. This tool searches for the reason why a system does not start anymore. To do this, the software performs a thorough scan on the system, checking system files and components for missing or corrupted files and/or registry keys.

In the second step “Repair”, the software then tries to fix these errors automatically. If this is not successful, the current version 20 of O&O BlueCon provides further information, including log files, that can help the user.

Further new features and improvements in O&O BlueCon 20:

  • One-click creation for even easier creation of an O&O BlueCon boot medium.
  • The integration into running systems has been revised so that O&O BlueCon 20 can now also be integrated into a separate boot environment.
  • Automatic inheritance of all host drivers.
  • O&O Bluecon 202 includes various integrated and well-known products. These have now been updated. For example, O&O DiskImage 18, which is only included in the O&O BlueCon 20 Admin Edition Plus and the O&O BlueCon 20 Tech Edition Plus. DisImage is a backup and recovery software and can also be purchased separately. O&O SafeErase 17 has also been updated. Software for the safer deletion of data, for example, but not only, when transferring computers or data carriers.
  • O&O Check & Repair: Now with CheckDisk, component check and system file check

O&O BlueCon 20 can also be used in virtual machine environments. The software can also natively boot a Windows system running in the cloud and allows complete access to this cloud-hosted system and also to all data on it.

O&O Bluecon 2023 supports Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016

Interested readers can find out more about the disaster recovery software for PCs and Servers O&O Bluecon 20 here at O&O

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