Experimenting with border-image

Understanding the CSS 3 border-image property can be a little confusing especially as some of the values are not fully supported. The best way to learn something new is to roll your sleeves up and start experimenting. Experimenting with the shorthand property, border-image, produces many crazy, but also nice results. This article covers a small part of the many experimental graphics that I’ve tried out so far, maybe you will find them useful. Cheers!

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The border-image syntax

The border-image property is proposed to have five parts that can be used to set values for applying an image as a border. The properties include:

  • border-image-source : none | image url
  • border-image-slice : number (1 to 4 values), percentage (1 to 4 values), fill
  • border-image-width : length (1 to 4 values), number (1 to 4 values), percentage (1 to 4 values), auto
  • border-image-outset : length (1 to 4 values), number (1 to 4 values)
  • border-image-repeat : stretch, round, repeat, space

Each of the parts that use 1-4 values are applied in the standard way of other shorthand properties: top, right, bottom, left.

The syntax is written:

border-image: source slice{1-4} / border-image-width{1-4} / border-image-outset{1-4} repeat

Default values: (border-image: none 100% 1 0 stretch)
border-image-source: none
border-image-slice: 100%
border-image-width: 1
border-image-outset: 0
border-image-repeat: stretch

Inherited: no
Can be applied to: all HTML elements, except tables elements with border-collapse:collapse

Not all values are supported, at the moment, by all browsers. Try Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Find out more information about border-image in the article Create an Expandable Button Using CSS border-image

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