mr-munch: Free Blog Headers

Todays collection of free blog headers, is based on the artistic style and painting techniques of Edvard Munch, you know, The Scream, no? If you’re searching for something a little arty style, maybe this is for you. Each header is, once again, just the right size for a twentyten based WordPress theme at 940 x 198 pixels that you can add as an article image of upload to your header images area. Each of the five blog headers has a different arrangement and tone, but, at the same time, all have the same feel to give a consistent look across your pages. Hope you like.

Thanks for looking in!

Click on the link below to download the complete free mr-munch Blog Headers
pack. Downloads temporarily unavailable. 

Feel free to integrate them into your commercial or personal projects, accreditation isn’t necessary but always appreciated!

Free Blog Headers


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